HOWRAH – Self_Serving Strategies out now

On mei 11, 2018

Amsterdam four-piece HOWRAH embodies a potent standoff between focussed rhythmic patterns, cosmic melodies and unchecked tidal waves or searing noise rock.

The band is comprised of various members from the late 90s and Amsterdam underground: Aico Turba (bass), Cees van Appeldoorn (vocals / guitar), Gijs Loots (guitar, bass) and Ineke Duivenvoorde (drums). The band’s debut LP Self-Serving Strategies was recorded at Katzwijm Studio and will release June 1st on Subroutine Records.


02|6 EINDHOVEN | DIY-Ception Festival | 6 bands x 4 labels x 1 SUB071-doc
07|6 DEN HAAG | Polarized + H O W R A H
09|6 A’DAM | H 0 W R A H [album release] at Paradiso with Apneu & ZEA 
22|6 AMSTERDAM | H 0 W R A H – Live in Concerto Recordstore
22|6 UTRECHT | Vette Analoge Shit met o.a. Michael Feuerstack, Howart en Howrah
28|6 LEIDEN | AA | Howrah + Ac Berkheimer – De WW
30|6 GRONINGEN | Downstage: Howrah + Shaka Brah


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