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Right from the get-go, Nouveau Vélo’s blazoned ‘healing pop’ evokes that sense of awe a kid feels while taking his first bike rideout in the open. Finally…having the means to explore on your own, to pour all that inherent curiosity outward. For anyone growing up, this is a big deal.

As is the case with Dutch quartet Nouveau Velo. The band’s roots intertwined in humble Laarbeek, a small town down East in the province of Noord-Brabant. With Helmond as its closest municipal neighbor, life can become quite ephemeral and ho-hum Still, the workaday lull of these surroundings was the perfect backdrop for Nouveau Vélo’s effervescent healing pop to flourish. The EP’s Courgette and Moestuin establish their knack for lush, quirky melodies through a lo-fi guise. With the six-song EP Daze, released in 2013 by Subroutine Records, the music’s elemental backbone revealed itself a little more.

Such a tease merits a follow-up release that catapults Nouveau Vélo into an entirely new stratosphere. Always riding that forceful creative impetus, the band’s eponymous debut LP delivers on that promise…and then some. This album is quite a departure from their reverb-drenched vagary, now instilling a more clean, isolated pop sound, courtesy of Hermann Blaupunkt (Casa Casette). No longer just satisfied with gleefully surfing the waves, the band complies with the notion that eventually things come crashing down. Without sacrificing the wide-eyed charm of their previous EPs, these ten songs revel in contemplation and self-reflection, achieving the kind of depth and undercurrent few contemporaries can match.

Persistently channeling their collective vigor into an otherworldly silvery joyride, Nouveau Vélo has countless places they intend to explore. Suffice to say, this is a big deal.
© Jasper Willems

Discography Nouveau Vélo

SR047 Nouveau Vélo - daze

SR047 Nouveau Vélo - daze

Nouveau Vélo - Daze
[SR047 ] EP
Release date: 18 march 2013
side A
(1) Asleep
(2) Kite
side B
(1) Surfing her Wave (reprise)
(2) Like a Sun
(3) Nostalgia
(4) Aurora
SR060 Nouveau Vélo - st

SR060 Nouveau Vélo - st

Nouveau Vélo - st
[SR060 ]
Release date: 29 sep 2014

side A
(01) House
(02) Turning Away
(03) New Guinea
(04) Find a Way
(05) Wait for Me
side B
(06) Al Green's Dream
(07) Blue Lights
(08) Wander
(09) Still Here
(10) 1994