Naive Set

Naive Set

foto: Sophia Aerts


Founded in 2012, Amsterdam’s Naive Set makes melodic, no-frills guitar pop. The band came together around a shared love for the pop classics of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Velvets, the Modern Lovers, and the like. Their first record, 2014’s Reclini ng Nude, was a collection of short songs, rich with four-part harmonies. The band returned in 2015 with a fuller sound on the L P Dragon, mixed by Jason Quever (Papercuts). The record was described as “sparkling” in a four-star rating by the Volkskrant. Their performance at Noorderslag in 2016 was “the highlight of the festival” according to K indaMuzik.

Naive Set has shared the stage with like-minded bands such as Chain & the Gang, White Fence, Crystal Stilts, Ultimate Painting and Nap Eyes. They’ll return with a new album in 2018, recorded in London by James Hoare of Ultimate Painting. While, in the past they’ve been described as “charmingly naive”, these new recordings may reveal a less innocent Set.

Discography Naive Set

Naive Set - st [SR083]

Naive Set - st [SR083]

Naive Set - st
[SR083] LP & CD

01 - So Far So Gone
02 - DNA
03 - Easy Jesus
04 - Green & Blue
05 - Feminine Ending
06 - Part-time Ghost
07 - Straight Goonery
08 - Sounds Of Earth
09 - Sounds Of Earth (Reprise)
10 - W.I.N.E
11 - Don't Sip Your Tea At Me
Naive Set - So Far So Gone [SR082]

Naive Set - So Far So Gone [SR082]

Naive Set - So Far So Gone
[SR082] / EP 7"

Releasedate 14 nov 2017

(01) So Far So Gone
(02) Sie woll'n spaß
Naive Set - Dragon [SR068] LP

Naive Set - Dragon
[SR068] LP

Naive Set - Dragon
[SR068] LP

(01) That Was That
(02) Bottom of the Sea
(03) Dragon
(04) Up Beach
(05) Midnight, Amsterdam
(06) Dieter Rams's Wife
(07) He Will Lead You Home
(08) Rabbits
(09) Spoken For
(10) One Two Three Eight
(11) Let Me Down
Naive Set - Reclining Nude SR055

Naive Set- Reclining Nude

Naive Set- Reclining Nude
[SR055] LP
Release date: 1 feb 2014

side a
(1) Honest
(2) The Art of Nodding
(3) Like That
(4) Setting the Sun
(5) Safe Flight
(6) Bo

side b
(7) Carpet
(8) Poor Eric
(9) This Isn’t Any Place for That
(10) A Table Apart
(11) You Will the Sea
(12) Hover Hands