Naive Set

Naive Set


Naive Set is a four-piece Amsterdam band, performing and releasing music in the guitar-pop tradition of bands like the Kinks, the Modern Lovers, the Clean, and the Twerps. Their music has been described as “smart, super-catchy indiepop. Addictive.” by 3voor12 (vpro) and “jangly pop harmonies that sound like an unhurried summer’s day” by Under the Radar. Incendiary Magazine writes, “Naive Set are pretty shit hot at harmonies. Naive Set are pretty shit hot full stop.

Their LP [Reclining Nude, Feb 2014] is one of the highlights of 2014 in the Netherlands.” Their second record was recorded in 2015 and is titled Dragon.

Discography Naive Set

Naive Set - Dragon [SR068]

Naive Set - Dragon [SR068]

Naive Set - Dragon
[SR068] LP

(01) That Was That
(02) Bottom of the Sea
(03) Dragon
(04) Up Beach
(05) Midnight, Amsterdam
(06) Dieter Rams's Wife
(07) He Will Lead You Home
(08) Rabbits
(09) Spoken For
(10) One Two Three Eight
(11) Let Me Down
Naive Set - Reclining Nude [SR055]

Naive Set - Reclining Nude [SR055]

Naive Set- Reclining Nude
[SR055] LP
Release date: 1 feb 2014

side a
(1) Honest
(2) The Art of Nodding
(3) Like That
(4) Setting the Sun
(5) Safe Flight
(6) Bo

side b
(7) Carpet
(8) Poor Eric
(9) This Isn’t Any Place for That
(10) A Table Apart
(11) You Will the Sea
(12) Hover Hands