Homemade Empire

Homemade Empire


First Trees is the third album of Homemade Empire – the moniker of Bart de Kroon. Compared to its predecessors, the mesmerizing ‘A Brilliant Window Niche’ (2010) and ‘Defenestration’ (2012), this new record ventures into undiscovered sonic territories. Recorded partly with Bram Nigten, drummer from noisenik oufit WOLVON, ‘First Trees’ boasts noisy passages that suddenly erupt from the otherwise tranquil music. Other contributors include Pien Feith, Annelotte de Graaf (Amber Arcades) and long standing accomplice Ellen Evers (The Puddle Parade).

The majority of these songs were conceived during a Homemade Empire-tour across the Pacific Northwest – Vancouver, Seattle, Anacortes, Portland-, something that resonates in the sound and lyrics on the album. De Kroon is a solitary musician who doesn’t swim with the tides, but slowly builds a personal body of recordings on the fundament of his past musical lives; in postrock (We vs. Death) and folkpop (Great Lake Swimmers).

Discography Homemade Empire

Homemeade Empire - First Trees [SR062]

Homemeade Empire - First Trees [SR062]

Homemade Empire - First Trees
[SR062] LP
Release date: 9 feb 2015

side a
(01) Your Laugh (In The Pines)
(02 & 03) Where Are The Monuments? /
Dog Shampoo Spoiled The Scent Of Evergreens
(04) Homeland Security
(05) Outside: Darkness
(06) Different Air, Less Comfort

side b
(07 & 08) No Return (For F.C.) / The Humble
(09) Abode, Pt. 3
(10 & 11) (New Ghosts) / West Peak
(12) Wide Open Sky
(13) Crescent (Fire vs. Dreams)
(14) Shield Off
Homemade Empire - Defenestration [SR042]

Homemade Empire - Defenestration

Homemade Empire - Defenestration
[SR042] LP / order now
Release date: 14 sep 2012
side a
(01) (...) / Unread books
(02) Riparian / Like to fade
(03) Wisdom come!
(04) Rue Malbec
(05) Hidden Knife
(06) Pollarding
(07) Inside of this chest

side b
(01) Staple back / Soap vs. dreams
(02) Two-headed swan statue
(03) Plaid / I've named them all
(04) An appreciation for smaller towels
(05) The tallest of trees