On their third album This Will Never Happen To Us, Amsterdam’s Apneu thrives in quick-hitting jangle pop bliss that’s filled to the brim with sly witticisms. Curiously enough, Apneu’s well-earned rep as your resident tricksters might take a hit. Debut LP Boy Problems and sophomore effort Hard Feelings struck iron with their sketchy quality, teasing the listener with catchy hooks, only to cut the tunes short prematurely. In all its zany, scuzzy brilliance, the music teasingly left the listener stuck at third base wanting more.

But! It was worth the wait: This Will Never Happen To Us fully orbits bright pop orthodoxies with bold disposition. The album was recorded at Amsterdam’s infamous Vondelbunker, an underground venue stationed at the fulcrum of Amsterdam’s city life. Fueled creatively by the productional input of two of The Netherlands’ seminal indie heroes, Roald van Oosten (Ceasar) and Henk Jonkers (Hallo Venray), Apneu took a more drawn-out, sophisticated approach to their songwriting. As a result, songs like “Fixer Upper”,
“So What” and “People You May Know” are instantly satisfying earworms that stay hot till crunch time.

Then there’s that ambiguous title: This Will Never Happen To Us. Is it a confession or a denial? Instead of giving a straight answer, Apneu relishes in contrarian push-and-pull lingo, alluding to silly, meaningful and dark reflections with an even-handed shrug. Does it matter whether Apneu come clean on This Will Never Happen To Us? For all you know, the answer might be hiding in plain sight.

Moronica Lewinsky – Vocals & Guitar
Delta Mongolloyd – Bass & Vocals
Ellen Degenerate – Guitar & Vocals
Debilio Estevez – The Drum

Discography Apneu

Apneu - This Will Never Happen To Us LP [SR069]

Apneu - This Will Never Happen To Us LP [SR069]

Apneu - This Will Never Happen To Us LP [SR069]

releasedate june 3 2016

(01) Desperate
(02) Siobhan
(03) Space from Earth
(04) People You May Know
(05) Caroline
(06) Fixer Upper
(07) Lightning
(08) Jennifer
(09) Emily
(10) So What
(11) Homelessly Devoted to Glue
(02) Look Away
Apneu - Mixed Feelings [SR072]

Apneu - Mixed Feelings [SR072]

Apneu - Mixed Feelings
[SR072] Cassette

(01) Three Cool Chicks (remix by Apneu)
(02) On Ice (remix by Nelson Mandelvis)
(03) Number One (remix by Garçon Taupe)
(04) Hard Feelings (cover by Plastic Surgery Icon)
(05) Walkie Stalkie (cover by [V])
(06) Downosaur (remix by Coen Oscar Polack)
(07) White Castle (remix by Hunter Complex)
(08) Undercover Cop Confusion (cover by Treasure of Grundo)
(09) XD (cover by Spoelstra)
(10) Shopping Spree (remix by Katadreuffe)
(11) Battery Island (cover by Frankenberries)
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Apneu - Apneu Wrote a Letter Tore It Up [SR067]

Apneu - Apneu Wrote a Letter Tore It Up [SR067]

Apneu - Wrote a Letter Tore It Up
[SR067] Cassette

(01) Desperate
(02) Bed Fever
(03) People You May Know
(04) Ggggirl
Apneu - Hard Feelings [SR054]

Apneu - Hard Feelings

Apneu - Hard Feelings
[SR054] LP
Release date: jan 2014
side a
(1) Three Cool Chicks
(2) On Ice
(3) Number One
(4) Hard Feelings
(5) Walkie Stalkie

side b
(1) Downosaur
(2) White Castle
(3) Undercover Cop Confusion
(4) XD
(5) Shopping Spree
(6) Battery Island