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“Session 24: Developing a Success Personality”. Deze sample was de introductie van de eerste (demo)release van AC Berkheimer in 2006. Sindsdien verschenen er twee volledige albums
– In A Series Of Long Days (2008) en We Tell Them Tonight (2010) –
van het shoegazende kwartet uit Rotterdam. Er werd gespeeld op festivals als Incubate en Metropolis en op de poppodia die Nederland rijk is, het debuut werd heruitgegeven in Japan, de band kreeg airplay op BBC6 Radio en werd gepodcast door het toonaangevende Amerikaanse radiostation KEXP Seattle.

De laatste jaren bleef het relatief stil rond AC Berkheimer. Enkele bandleden spelen in andere bands (Space Siren, S as in Assassins) waarmee platen werden opgenomen en intensief werd getourd. Vorig jaar waren de eerste tekenen van de wederopstanding van AC Berkheimer zichtbaar. Er volgden een aantal optredens, met nieuwe songs en een nieuwe drummer.

Na meer dan zeven jaar werken aan een herkenbare, eigen sound, identiteit en success personalities is AC Berkheimer terug met hun derde volledige album: ‘Equation of State’.

AC Berkheimer =
Gwendolien Douglas, Valentijn Webbers, Aram Jorik Scheeve & Dagmar Veenstra



SR052 Equation of State

AC Berkheimer - Equation of State
Release date: sep 2013

(1) My love, it's not the same
(2) Beyond the equation of state
(3) Do you
(4) Kissing the surface
(5) Cat
(6) Half ten
(7) Platform
(8) Backward


AC Berkheimer - We Tell Them Tonight
Release date: okt 2010

Side A
(1) Slow down
(2) Saturday
(3) The M
(4) Off you go
(5) Third Mountain
pixel Side B
(6) Lock me out
(7) Tobago
(8) Gateshead
(9) Five times
(10) Come along

AC Berkheimer EP - First in line by accident
[SR022] / Free Download!

(1) Third Mountain
(2) Tobago
(3) The Other Side Today
(4) Off You Go


AC Berkheimer - In a Series of Long Days
[SR011] / order now!
Release date: June 2008

(1) For He's not There
(2) Under Arcade 24
(3) La Belle Indifférence
(4) So Much For
(5) Ordinary Days
(6) Montana
(7) Grand Hotel
(8) Josef Johann
(9) Another Century
(10) Isah

One review:

04/09/13 | Richard Foster

AC Berkheimer have always made good records, and this is definitely their best to date. It’s not a long record, twenty odd minutes in total, but they seem to have distilled the essentials into the 8 songs very well indeed. It’s almost as if they looked to kick out the crap, and try to find out what makes them tick. You see, on previous LPs (for me at any rate) they always seemed to have songs that could be easily pigeonholed and seemed to be there just to make up numbers.
And somehow it feels a very familiar record, as if (or maybe because) their music has finally got to the point some of us were willing it to get to. Equation of State also manages to drag the presence and promise of their live shows into focus; they have this pastoral, gothic vibe that was previously only fleetingly glimpsed. Now, with songs like Beyond The Equation of State, the Valerie and Her Week of Wonders feel that they always had is pushed to the fore, tessellate, mysterious, almost tragic. The opener My Love, It’s Not The Same is gone almost before you can take it in, akin to seeing an unusually pretty girl going by in a bus. And Do You uses their adeptness at conjuring up a bedsit soliloquy to great effect.

It’s certainly their best balanced record too, so smooth that it engages your subconscious a LONG time before the rest of your brain catches up. I bet you that you only notice it’s actually on when Kissing The Surface starts. It’s all akin to a dream. Talking of things delicate and precise, Cat is a finely woven song, sometimes drifting off into BSP territory (Hamilton balladry not Yan bombast) and you need to stick in there for Platform, where Gwen’s “Ophelia of Rock” persona takes hold and casts a whole set of spells. It also sounds like Pale Saints trying to be gentle... Actually they are the feminine side to Pale Saints, I wonder how far I can get with that conceit? Probably nowhere, but you know, these connections are only thrown up by adventurers crossing the same cosmic landscape. Heads, in other words, and AC Berkheimer are certainly becoming Heads.
There’s the odd moment when eyebrows are raised; the rigorous Half Ten initially sounds like an offering from the dreaded Editors, but being AC Berkheimer they keep everything tasteful and avoid any mines. Undoubted highlight for me is last track Backwards which is a sprightly rock track, brimful of poise and grace.

Fine fucking record, pop pickers.

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AC Berkheimer

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12 sep - Rotown, Rotterdam (SubrouTIEN)

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26 sep - VERA, Groningen (SubrouTIEN)




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